Spring Cleaning 101!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Are you ready for #grass cutting, #flower blooming and #allergy season? Probably yes and no for some of us. Well its time to put those winter coats and boots away. Get your home ready for the sun to shine brightly through your windows with these helpful tips.

1. Store all your winter belongings in bends in the basement or a shed if you have one. Ex. Coats, heavy boots, sweaters, and that home decor thats out of season.

2. Wipe down all your window panes, door knobs, and don't forget to dust your ceiling fans.

3. Now this tip is out the ordinary but its so necessary. Put down the chips and grab the fruit. Start the spring off with some clean eating!

4. Move your couches, beds, dressers and other things that your rarely move from its place and clean underneath and behind it.

5. Take the time to clean the inside of your stove. Most of us did lots of cooking in those winter months and those pie filling spills have yet to be scrapped off!

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