Unhappy At Home?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Are you unhappy being at home? Whether you are still quarantining or just at home because social events are shut down and there's no where to go. Or maybe your home really isn't a home. Either way we get it so we have some suggestions for you to try and make life a little happier at home for you. Our recommendation is to remodel. Now we do not mean gut out your kitchen, install new cabinets new floors and build a deck. Although that can be a great start if you can afford to do so, but we are talking about doing things around your home at a much lesser expense. Check out some of our ideas below.

1. Add throw pillows or switch them up if you already have them. Make sure they are some funky outstanding, not your normal go to look for throw pillows; just to add some fun!

2. Switch your furniture around.

3. Add some colorful window curtains or maybe a new fluffy accent rug to the floor.

4. Add an accent wall to help liven up your living room or dining room.

5. Add a huge floor mirror to your living room or even your bedroom.

6. Start a painting collection that you can start off selling to your neighbors for some extra cash. Only do this if you are good at drawing. LOL.

7.Start a section in your home where you can place all those beautiful pictures you took at the family reunion or bae-cation. (Frame them of course)

We hope you loved our recommendations and hope it helps!

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