Our Brand Re-Launch

Long days and nights is what got us here. The Re-launch of our brand was not an easy task and I want to tell you about it. From hours of planning, ordering, aggravating phone calls to our suppliers, proofing every detail, photoshoots, paperwork and all the unseen things every business owner has to go through. I believe in never staying the same but to grow and figure out how to do things better and upgrade the things you did previously. Having a brand that is stylish and unique is important to me. Making sure we stand out from the rest is always the goal. Creating a product that does less harm to our health was essential. This journey has taken a lot of my time and consistent dedication while still managing a life; but when your heart is in it you adapt quickly and keep pushing. I am so proud of our latest re-launch. Its personal for me, I've decided to do things differently. New levels requires a new attitude on everything I do now. I am proud of my company and we want you to take a look back to see our growth. The support of so many across the states is sometimes unbelievable. I thank my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for being a supporter, giving me ideas and being my biggest fan. When you come to realize just how special he made you and realize the gifts he has installed in you, you will have no choice but to give him praise. We are a team and I thank God he chose me. Sealed with love to my supporters!

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