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Hand Sanitizer Over Soap and Water.

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Since Covid-19 has entered our world hand sanitizer has been flying off shelves. This makes us wonder, do people prefer hand sanitizer over soap? This seems to be the question of the year. Hand sanitizer is perfectly fine if soap and water is not around, but you'd be surprise at how many people are using it as their primary source of hand washing. Yuck! We have to inform you that hand sanitizer only kills the germs on your hands and that is only if your hand sanitizer contains at least 60-70% alcohol content. Hand washing actually washes those germs right off of your hands. So think about this do you prefer to walk around with dead germs on your hands or would you rather wash them down the drain. Something to think about. So be safe wash your hands and think of others around you during these desperate and uncertain times.

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