About Our Company

Del Vann Cleaning Company LLC, was Founded and Owned by Tiffany Williams. Since the beginning of adulthood Tiffany has always had a entrepreneurial spirit. From becoming an independent make-up artist to a fashion designer, to taking the steps to open a child care center. Unfortunately Tiffany did not have a true passion for neither. In 2015 Tiffany began providing cleaning services in the Philadelphia Tri-State Area. It was then that she found her calling. Her clients loved her and she was very adored by those she worked for. After building her cleaning business Tiffany's desires began to grow even bigger. In November of 2018 the Del Vann Brand was Launched. The name Del Vann stems partly from her middle name and her daughter's name combined. She created an all natural household product line of her own. The line features products with signature scents designed and perfected by Tiffany herself.


Del Vann takes pride in sharing useful health tips and providing resourceful  information across our social media platforms. Connecting with our community and world as a whole is our ultimate goal.  

Through consistent dedication Tiffany has managed to gain the attention of well known Business Moguls and Brands including Sheen Magazine. Del Vann products has also been featured at Williams Sonoma chain, which is known for selling high quality products. Our mission is to become a high valued brand across the country. Our focus remains in distributing products that cleans well and smells amazing!

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